Due Diligence Studies

The Due Diligence study is best suited for a client who is acquiring a storage facility, at any stage of development or lease up. The scope of work can be tailored to meet each client’s needs based upon the status of the property at the time of acquisition. A typical scope of work will include many of the normal factors considered in a Feasibility Study such as market area determination, supply and demand analysis, researching proposed developments, barriers to entry and more. Other typical factors analyzed in this specific study type include a review of historical and current financials, current rent roll and delinquencies, occupancy reports, real estate tax implication resulting from the sale, and more. Upside potential will be analyzed with a conclusion pertaining to current rents versus market rents. A proforma will be included for any property that is not operating at a stabilized occupancy rate and/or is planning to expand. Call today for a customized proposal that includes a scope of work, timing and fee.